In The Pursuit Of Utopian Life In Australia

- By Shiva Neupane
It is my relentless research on how Nepalese students have been struggling in down under Australia for making their future. Part of my job as a media partner is to understand the ground realities of them and what it takes a person to live a life as a student. After going through several years hunt for this issue, I came up with my own novel in 2012 “In the Pursuit of Utopian Life in Australia”.
Yadav Awasthi (M.A in English Literature /MBA/MPA)
Position: Business analyst
What it takes to pursue the Utopian life in Australia? 
Ans: Like many other developed economies of the world, Australian government policy seems to be welcoming for international students. Though there are some fascinating results one can get after getting Australian university degrees, and job in their respective field, there are majority of cases where a student finds it difficult to cope with the Australian culture and environment. The struggle in Australia starts from the very first day we step in this land be it as an international student or as immigrant. As a multicultural country, the first arduous situation everyone comes across is the distinguished existence of the multicultural society. To speak about the hardships faced by an international student, the dreams of studying in this land turn into nightmare when someone has to stay in backpacker’s hostel for weeks. The second big challenge they face after shelter is to get a job. No matter whatever their experience or professional background is, everyone is desperate to get a job that can at least feed and provide some funds to make their living.  It is an interesting fact that the majority of international students in Australia are from the developing and the underdeveloped countries for instance; Nepal, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and the like. So, it seems clear from the country of their origin that majority of them are here to work and earn. Few lucky students manage to get job as hospitality worker or factory hand, at the same time, they find it really difficult to manage study and work simultaneously.
As an international student, I came to Australia in 2014 to study Master’s degree in TESOL. Initially, like most of the international students, I went through the hardships to get proper accommodation and even job. With the passing of time, we overcame through the difficulties and managed to finish our degrees on time. At this point we lavishly take pride in what makes our educational journey truly fulfilling.  
Apart from this tedious task they have the obligation of sending the money back as the repayment of the loan. And their family members expect to get iPhones and other state-of-the-art gadgets as a gift from this Promised Land, where students are not even able to feed themselves their favourite food. This struggle passes through various stages. At one point of time, they manage to complete their degrees and another chapter begins for getting permanent residency. 
Gokul Dhakal
Founder of Adelaide-Nepal
What is the purpose of “Adelaide-Nepal” in a nutshell?
Ans:  Adelaide- Nepal has been deeply concerned with the problems and troubles of Nepalese students living in and around Adelaide, and for that matter the organization has been largely and self-evidently assisting in the numerous ways to help students from its own capacities. I would say the sole purpose of our organization is to help Nepalese students plus flourishing our culture and heritage in Australia.   
Sanjaya kumar Sah
(Director of Neplay Events)
Can you please tell us something about your organization and its objectives?
Ans: Our organization “Neplay Events” was established in 2014. We have 39 team members in our organization so far. The objectives of our organization is to create an opportunity or say platform if you will, to promote our cultural programs, shows and obviously bringing the Nepalese films in Melbourne, Australia. We have upcoming loot 2. I am always happy though there are few negatives comments that are laid upon us because the positive and constructive criticisms have been outweighing them. The great thing is that our team is down to earth and quite often succeeded in tackling with organizational-hurdles within the boundary of our Ethical-standards.
Sishir Kandel (Food hero)
1. Can you please share your personal story that what made you a cook/chef?
Ans: Well, this is quite a long but an interesting story. My family doesn’t have any culinary background, almost zero ground knowledge about gastronomic world. It is nothing extensive. Today I remember my schooldays, we used to have discussion regarding the best subject for college level and hence the final career! Of course, science is the choice of genius students and management course like business studies have drawn great attention of my colleagues that time, because it was in trend. 
However, I was of different type. I used to watch ‘The Master Chef’, particularly ‘Master Chef Australia, other Cookery Shows’ during those days. Being honest, it occupied a significant space in my mind. I always dreamed of becoming the Master Chef like Marco Pierre White, Gordon Ramsay, Matt Moran and others. Several nights, I worked with distinguished chefs; say, Matt Moran, Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsay with those white coats quoted my name, in dreams. With no doubt, those personalities are my inspiration, my super heroes. Later, I choose and graduated with culinary degree from American Hospitality Academy (Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management Kathmandu Nepal), worked in world class hotels and with great chefs. 
Indeed, there is nothing but my passion, willpower and relentless struggle for what I want is behind what I am today. 
2. As a Nepalese citizen coming into Australia how you would like to describe about our own cuisines that are coming out here? 
Food and culture migrate with us. Wherever we go, whatever we become, first we are Nepalese and our own and authentic culture & cuisines are our identity. It is important to look at tradition and culture for inspiration. Look to the past to move forward. What we do is a privilege. It's amazing that with due diligence and lots of enthusiasm, together we are working on to promote our ethnic cuisines. Meanwhile, jointly we (Two tables, Nepalese Chef’s Community and other stakeholders) hosting ‘Tasting Nepal Festival’ & ‘Chef’s Pop Up Dinners’ to promote, demonstrate and deliver information about Nepalese cuisines, cultures and stories. 25 ethnic Nepalese foods and traditions will be demonstrated with accompaniment by traditional Nepalese music, food preparation utensils, performances, and many more. And this event is certain to be hosted in other parts and outside Australia.
Being a Nepalese Chef, this is an honor and pleasure that our cuisine stepped out to be served in the world’s dining table. Personally, I am assured that one day Nepalese cuisine will be humbly put in the dining table worldwide. This is the beginning step on the way to the voyage faraway. We have a long way to go and a lot effort needs to be put on. 
3. What would you like to say to the new comers who want to join in the hospitality sector? 
I believe the best advice that I could give someone planning to start their hospitality career is no more than the truth.  Choosing a hospitality career is a great challenge itself. The working hours are punishing. The starting salaries can be miserable. The pressure-cooker atmosphere tests the hardiest of souls. It just couldn’t do nine-to-five in an office. In general, it isn’t a child’s play.  
However, don’t forget “The bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity”. Hospitality is an optimistic sector for a secured future. Your hard work during internships and first days in industry will pay you back 100 times over. Hospitality is not just about chefs but many more than that. You have multiple career paths to choose from. If you are determined to become the hotelier, just don’t think, go for it! 
Krishna Tamang  
(Cook at the foreigner café)
Could you please shed some light on your culinary achievement?  
Ans: Well, honestly speaking first of all it is my passion for cooking and giving a real hot-go for presenting phenomenal dishes on the plate. This is to say, I am tremendously interested to mastering my cooking skills and have dream to flourish this artistic creativity to the people and the community. 
I hope in the near future I may able to do even better than now. Life is always a journey so I am enjoying this exciting food-safari.