Growing industry of harassment & indignity

Rajeshwor Ghimire    I    Unknowingly once I have shared a fake news on face book about one of the successful Nepalese business man’s sudden death, after while I realized that it was not true. I went back to the post and deleted. within the few minutes, I have some reactions and few inquiries about the news. Since I am involving in local media, I felt embracement for not to be able to recognize the fake news. I even felt like I am a foolish to be emotional and rushed to share it. 
Once again, there is viral fake news about the greatest literature personality of Nepal. If you look behind the purpose of the scandal, there is only one thing ie Money. More we click and read the news more money they get.  same formula applies with the creepy headlines news. More we click more views they get. More views they get more money they generate through advertise. 
Few days ago, I came across the talk show called TED talk and the speaker was Monica Lewinsky, she addressed about the cyber bulling and the industry of shame in internet and social media. After listening to her I feel the sense of responsibility to say something about this growing industry of indignity in internet and social media.
What is the industry of indignity in social media and main stream media? It is the use of information in undignified and humiliating manner using sex, status, situations and emotions of person or public figure to make money or to get the attention among the user.
It has tremendous impact not only to the victim but also to the user. By clicking those creepy headline, liking, commenting and sharing them, knowingly or unknowingly we are supporting the industry of indignity in media. 
It is becoming a culture. As a user, it’s our responsibly to be aware before accessing information on internet. When you feel the information is creepy just don’t open it. Remember this, more you click more money for them and vice versa. 
In Nepalese context, it needs to be addressed in legal manner. laws need to make and implement it.  We had an example of tragic loss of life because of piracy of a movie “Chhakka Panjaa”. 
Sadly, a young life had been lost, a movie crew also lost their profit margin but the culture of harassment and indignity in media won. I haven’t heard anything about new laws have been made after that incident or anyone has been punished. 
Is there any investigation regarding the fake news about the National poet? If not, there should be.
I would like to end this article by rephrasing Monica Lewinsky’s message from the TED Talk, compassion and positivity can beat the harassment in social media. As a user let’s be aware the responsibility of accessing and sharing information on internet and social media.
Let’s avoid the creepy headlines. let’s discourage the culture of indignity in media. Remember more you click more money they gets and less you click less money they can get.