Book Review

Nepali Vision I Gautam Buddhako Sahar is all about Motherland , friendship and love . Novel Gautam BuddhaKo Sahar is the third book written by writer and Novelist Rajeshwor Ghimire . He has already published Pratyabartan and third eye before this one. Novel Gautam Buddhako Sahar might sounds like something about Sidharth Gautam but it is not . Gautam and Buddha are just the name of the characters. Gautam is the main character  and Buddha is supporting character.  
Novel spines arround them. Story is plotted from their childhood , school-age , college life and their struggles as an adult. There are few more supporting characters too. Maya and Raksha are main female characters . Love story between Maya and Gautam is so heart touching that it takes you to the rollercoaster of relationship. It is kind of one-sided love by Gautam . But as a true lover,  he never gives up. Writer is able to plot  psychology of male lover so beautifully that it takes readers to their love life. Readers may find themself within Gautam . While reading it you will feel laugh , cry , madness and all those things if you ever been  on one-sided love.  And same chemistry in Mayas character if your are female reader. 
Amazingly readers always will have respect and love to Maya as well . But readers don't have to worry because it is very positive and inspiring love story ends with great message. on other other hand you will find natural love chemistry of Buddha and Rakshaa. Their love story will be your love story if you are the lucky one in love . 
Other part of Novel is the political and social picture of contemporary Nepal and how it leads youth to migrate in differnt country for settlement to work as a labour. It is so real that it definatly takes you  to the unstable politacal journey of Mordern Nepal which will raise few question in your mind toward your motherland . Writer Ghimire has given answers to those questions. To find out waht it is you have to read the book. 
Friendship is another aspect of the novel. Description and the sequences are so real and beautiful that you will definitely remember your school and collage life . you might wanted to ring your oldies while reading it. It takes you all the adventure and trouble of your youth life and of course your friends are always their on your good and bad time . Story  will match to your story and your friendship. 
overall it is very easy to read and easy to understand with real picture of your love , your friendship and your motherland . so it is worth spending $10 and half a day to read it  . If you want to chat with Rajeshwor Ghimre he has his number for you 0451483934 .