NRNA -Either Political Epicenter or Social Transformer?

- Janaki Poudel
Non Resident Nepalese Association (NRNA) is a Not for Profit Organization. This organization has been globalized within a very certain period of time with a motto "By Nepali for Nepali". Off course! It is. A group of people invented a new thing, so called the Pioneers and the legends of NRNA.  They established NRNA with a wide vision with an open heart and brilliant way so that Nepalese around the globe come together in a network and support Nepal and Nepali when and where needy. In order to achieve these goals, NRNA has its numerous projects at International level such as Investment, Dual Citizenship, Foreign Employment, Trade School, Bidrasram, Airport Trolley, Garden and Buddha Monument establishment, SKI, Library, NRNA building and recently Laprak Model Residence in deadly earthquake damaged area. International Coordination Council liaises with Nepal Government in order to implement these projects.
As NRNA has already established its Chapter in many Countries where NRNA so, called National Coordination Council and this Council works under the NRNA constitution of each Country. Commonly, the major projects lunched by NCC NRNA of different Countries are Welfare Fund raising, Nepal Festival, Collective fund, charity work and support to vulnerable people e.g. serious illness, victim of Family violence and sudden death in foreign land. Similarly, NRNA sports and other so many kinds of activities have been lunched in different Countries by SCC & NCC team of NRNA. These activities indeed, have played vital role to unite scattered Nepalese, have promoted Nepalese arts culture and tourism; and finally enhanced diplomatic relationship between Nepal and foreign Counties. Most importantly, NRNA has supported Nepalese people to build their strength and enthusiasm to serve communities for Nepali by Nepali. 
In general, NRNA’s activities around the globe have transformed the monotonous attitude, selfish behavior  to an ideal people who non- tiredly invest their time, effort and budget in Nepal and their Country of residence for Nepali by Nepali. As a result NRNs have been recognized as an idol because of their investments of honesty, integrity, countless dedication, fund and time.     
Unfortunately or very suspiciously or may be fortunately, hardworking normal service holding Non Resident Nepalese feel better when election of NCC-NRNA or ICC NRNA occur around the globe.  A dirty politics of pulling and pushing games is crystal clear. This is vigorously emerging in these days comparatively than 10 years ago. When I recall my mind about 2006 NRNA Election in Australia, I had just entered in the society even I was an International student. I and many of us were like “a Crow of a Fog.’ I was encouraged by a female counterpart to give a candidacy for an executive and I did. But at that time, I lost election. It was natural, as rider only can fall from the height. I believed that practice will make people perfect.  
However, a small society, a newly established, an Association of all Nepalese at its childhood stage was affected by pulling and pushing games and these dirty games were crystal clear. Since then, this Association has been impacted by political affairs of Nepalese Political Parties such as Congress and Communist, Maoist and Sadbhawana or else.  My inner heart sees this Association as it is standing in the middle of Ocean as a Dharahara or Kutuminar.  It looks at its Motherland and its children and then compare with foreign development and people. It aims to uplift Nepal and Nepali up to its height and dreams to announce, “Hay!! We are here! Peacefully and self-sufficiently”. Meantime, an uncertain bad weather brings provocative ups and downs WEBS by rabble-rousing people‘s peace and prosperity. As consequences, Dharahara then starts to shake; webs and tides start to quarrelsome, people have been wiped by Webs for Tides instead by Nepali for Nepali. Situation for a moment choke people’s peace and that disturbs their normal life too. Some of them seem drowning under Ocean and the others become the launchers at the edge of ocean. People feel that an election time is acting as an Epicentrtic power to shake Kutuminar or Dharahara. 
After a while, Tides and Webs calm down and slowly and gradually Dharahara stands still. Then, drowned but weaker never come back from then ocean as ecosystems of big fishes eat smaller. This kind of system was visible since and then. 
Nonetheless, 5 fingers of a hand are not equal; so, things, moments, ups and downs are parts of daily life of a mankinds, animals, creatures as well as non-living things like Institution, Association and Organization. They will have locomotion in a correct way only if mankind’s attempt to drag them in a right and wise ways.  
At the end, the roles of draggers are vital as careful drivers than successful businessman, for bringing a peace and prosperity in an ocean or terrestrial land where we all simultaneously work towards developing a determined post-conflict of pushing and pulling people in different angles. Their activities also can correct the attitude and behavior of supper egoistic and inferiority in among of us with a thorough development plan. No doubt that a lot of things have been improved in a short period of time, however; If we believe on these processes of choosing careful drivers than tactical actors of Mahabharatam, NRNA certainly brings rapid improvement as a social transformer to achieve a common motto of by Nepali for Nepali.